Dynamic cardioid microphone that offers perfect precision for the stage, conceived of for the enhancement of the voice registers.

It will cope with everything you can throw at it, it's up to you

A. Design Service

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IONIS is designed to enhance the sound quality and fullness of the voice. Each microphone is a unique product, requiring its necessary manufacturing time, and no compromise is allowed regarding the quality of all its components.

IONIS delivers high quality technical specifications with high allowable pressure and electronics developed by ADS which permit a balanced response with a clear bass and natural high-pitched sounds that require no or minimal correction.

IONIS Specification

Accoustic type Cardioid
Transducer Aluminium body
Transducer installation Silent bloc internal
Directivity Cardioid
Frequency range 50Hz-16Khz
Output impedance 600 Ohms
Connection XLR 3 points.
Pin 1 : shield / Pin 2 : hot (+) / Pin 3 : cold (-)
Load impedance > 1000 Ohms
Storage 0°C-50°C
Storage humidity 80% (+25°C)
Material Body and grill steel
Weight 340g
Dimensions 188x46mm
Accessory Microphone clip, storage bag, 3/8" threaded adapte and cable

Recommended public price

210 €

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