ERVA allows your preamplifiers to develop their full potential by using a high-output gain without saturating your A/D converter. It is a fully passive 8-channel line level attenuator with 6 attenuation positions that is placed between the preamplifier outputs and the A/D converter.

Erva image Erva image Erva image
Erva image

In order to avoid interference from audio signals, Erva is equipped with the best components and connecting elements, and is assembled to the highest degree of attention in its workmanship.

The front panel is made of anodized aluminum with engraved markings, and is composed of selectors with 6 positions.

ERVA Specification

Channels 8 symetric channels
Reduction -3dBFS; -6dBFS; -10dBFS; -20dBFS; -30dBFS
Circuit type passif
Input Connector sub-D 25 female
Output Connector sub-D 25 female
Box Steel rack
Aluminium face
Dimensions 19" rack, 1U
Weight 2,60Kg

Recommended public price

620 €

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