The ERISE tube condenser microphone offers a high-fidelity sound with an aerated response and high accuracy. It has a very clear mid-range and tight and precise bass, with an immediate harmonic richness.

It will cope with everything you can throw at it, it's up to you

A. Design Service

Erise image Erise image Erise image Erise image
Erise image

Each microphone is a unique product, requiring its necessary manufacturing time, and no compromise is allowed regarding the quality of all its components.

The architecture is assembled around a thin diaphragm capsule whose signal is pre-amplified by a selected NOS GE tube circuit and an output transformer chosen according to the electronics surrounding it.

Version 2 of the ADS products feature an upgrade of the internal circuits as well as of the external design. You will find details of the changes in the private customer login area.

The finish is handcrafted, with particular attention is given to each aspect of the manufacturing process to minimize any negative effect on the audio signal.

he system is assembled entirely by hand according to the principle of ‘in the air’ wiring, thus avoiding parasitic capacitive phenomena that affect the sound signal.

Erise image
Erise image

The ERISE microphone gives a faithful and realistic musical transmission with great depth, presence and purity of sound with whistle-management, making it a microphone suitable for voice and acoustic instruments such as the piano, the guitar and string instruments among others.

When listened to, the highly-textured soundscape give a feeling of presence and richness of the timbres of the instrument which is truly exceptional.

Erise image Erise image Erise image Erise image

ERISE Specification

Accoustic type Pressure gradient condenser
Diameter Capsules 34mm
Directivity Cardioid, omnidirectional and figure-8
Frequency range 20Hz-20Khz
Impedance 150 Ohms
Load impedance > 1000 Ohms
Preamplifier stage 12AY7 NOS GE
Storage 0°C-50°C
Storage humidity 80% (+25°C)
Weight 725g
Dimensions 245x46mm

ERISE power supply unit

The power supply unit, of the same design philosophy as the microphones, provides the highly-filtered heating current and high voltage as well as the choice of three patterns: cardioid, omnidirectional and bidirectional.

The electrical and audio signals are connected by a 5 meter cable, consisting of 7 shielded conductors.

Power supply specification

Input voltage 230Vac
Frequency 50Hz
Intensity Max (fuse protection) 315mA
Protection Class 1
Storage 0°C-50°C
Storage humidity 80% (+25°C)
Dimensions (L x P x W) 124x164x82mm
Weight 1,76Kg
Cable microphone XLR7F
Pin 1 anode voltage (with cable) 162Vdc
Pin 2 filament voltage (with cable) 6,15Vdc
Pin 3 directivity
Pin 4 Bias (with cable) N/C
Pin 5 Audio+
Pin 6 Audio-
Pin 7 Ground
Audio cable XLR3M
Pin 1 Ground
Pin 2 Audio+
Pin 3 Audio-

Materials included

ERISE microphone
Power supply ERISE model 160
5 meter cable
Spare tube NOS
Alimentation cable Europe type
Microphone flight case made of wood
Malette Erise Malette Erise

The microphone is held in position with a shockmount.

A handmade case specifically designed for the microphone, power supply and accessories allows safe transport and storage.

Recommended public price

2 375 €

ERISE luxe version

1 995 €

ERISE simple version

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