Elia Exclusive

Elia Exclusive

Elia Exclusive Edition is a high quality microphone preamplifier with 2 channels.

The electronic circuits used, which have a very wide frequency response with ultra-fast transient responses are identical to those developed by ADS on the other versions of the ELIA preamplifiers.

The difference with the Elia Exclusive Edition preamplifier is that you can choose between two high-quality transformers with very low noise levels for each channel.

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The CN mode (Carnhill audio input transformer) tuned to the ELIA circuit provides finesse, precision and dynamics.

LD mode (Lundahl audio input transformer) tuned to the ELIA circuit gives roundness and depth.

ELIA Exclusive Specification

2 channels
2 input symmétric microphones XLR
2 output symmétric microphones XLR
48V Phantom power at each input with blue led
-20 dB pad
Phase reversal
Gain (+10 - +60dB)
VU meter 5 leds (-20 to +3dB VU)
Frequency 10Hz - 100kHz
Distorsion < 0.2%
Input impedance 1.6Kohms
Type 19", 1U
Dimensions 250x44.5x483mm
Steel rack
Aluminium face
Alimentation AC 220-240V / 50-60Hz
Power 20W max
Hand made in France

Recommended public price

1 450 €

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