The ELIA 141 Studio preamplifier is a dual preamplifier.

Elia is a preamplifier that gives depth and sensitivity to voices and instruments. It is incredibly flexible.

The choice of materials and by the care taken in the design, ADS ensures quality and authenticity.

Elia 141 Studio image Elia 141 Studio image Elia 141 Studio image
Elia 141 Studio image

ELIA 141 Studio is equipped with two separate and different microphone pre-amplification circuits. The "preamp 1 LD" channel is equipped with a LUNDAHL input transformer and a discrete preamplification circuit. The channel "preamp 2 CN" is equipped with a CARHNILL transformer and also a discrete preamplification circuit.

Two preamplifiers in one allows you to choose a different sound color for your recordings or live.

The manufacturing process is entirely handmade, according to the principle of wiring "in the air", which avoids parasitic capacitive phenomena that interfere with the sound signal. Each model is unique.

ELIA 141 STUDIO Specification

2 channels
2 input microphones XLR connection
2 output XLR connection
48V Phantom power at each input with blue led indicator
-20 dB pad
Phase reversal
Gain (+10 - +60dB)
VU meter 5 leds (-20 to +3dB VU)
Frequency 10Hz - 100kHz
Distorsion < 0.2%
Input impedance 1.6Kohms
Type 19", 1U
Dimensions 250x44.5x483mm
Steel rack
Aluminium face
Alimentation AC 220-240V / 50-60Hz
Power 20W max
Hand made in France

Recommended public price

1 350 €

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