Calise is a headphone amplifier with an analogue Class A design, designed to respond to the specific requirements of studios and audiophiles.

The philosophy of the electronic circuit is identical to the other products in the ADS product, oversized and low-noise power supply high quality, components ultra-discrete and amplifier design for optimum performance and fidelity.

Calise image Calise image Calise image
Calise image

Calise's power allows the use of all types of headphones, especially those with high impedance.

Connections include XLR, 6.35 jack, RCA inputs for connecting all analogue sources and a USB type B for audio sources from a computer.

The USB interface is controlled by an ESS Sabre 24 bit / 96KHz DAC.

On the front panel, the Calise amplifier is equipped with a power switch and a selection of analogue or USB inputs, a 6.35 jack for headphones and a volume control. 6.35 jack for headphones and a volume control.

CALISE Specification

Type Amplifier for headphones
Power 1000 mW under 33 Ohms
Bandwidth 10Hz - 20KHz (+-0.2dB)
Power supply 30W
Consumption 16W
Input RCA - XLR/Jack - USB (typeB)
Output Jack 6.35 stéréo
Weight 2Kgs
Dimmension 80x124x230
Face Steel and aluminum face

Recommended public price

820 €

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