Alicie is a balanced audio switcher that allows you to select your favourite sources quickly and intuitively without the need to manipulate cables.

Elia Tube image Elia Tube image Elia Tube image
Elia Tube image

The selection of the sources is done with double contact push buttons with LED indication.

The connection is made by XLR connectors in the 4-source version and sub-d in 8 or more sources.

Switching is efficient and noise-free with a high degree of protection against interference.

ALICIE Specification

Format 1U rack format in 4-source version and 2U in 8-source version (on order)
Dimension 250 x 44.5 x 483mm
Input 4 XLR inputs
Output 4 XLR outputs
Power supply External power supply 5Volt – 1Amp
Box Aluminium face
Steel rack
LED selection display with on/off

Recommended public price

650 €

Find ALICIE at Y.E.S Audiovisual